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1971-1975: Our Time at Williams

Who we were

Who was in your freshman entry?
Did you follow the rules in the Handbook (we had a Handbook?)?
Want to thumb through the What's What again?
Check out these documents that profile the Class of '75.

Recollections: Looking back on our years at Williams

These essays share some of our memories of the adventures, the arts, the sports, and social events that left us high or low, aflutter or aghast, and Winter Studies that piqued our passion or altered our direction.

There were movements and milestones that helped shape our experience on campus, as well as issues rocking (and sometimes convulsing) our nation. 

Here, classmates share some of their memories.
We welcome your additions!


Faculty and staff tributes

Faculty, coaches and staff gave us the keys to our future: teaching us how to ask a question, challenge a fact, seek an answer, get things done. These are people who changed our ways of thinking and observing, individuals who guided us long after we left their classrooms, labs, fields, courts and studios.

If you'd like to include a story about a Williams teacher or staffer who influenced you. please contact us and we'll add it to this collection.



A "while we were at Williams" timeline and a world events timeline capture the gestalt and milestone events of 1971-75, on campus and in the “real” world. What a time it was, our time!

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