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Admissions Profile

"The Class of 1975 at Williams College includes 138 women and 338 men. Our initial class of freshman women was selected from 883 applicants; the men were chosen from 2,450 applicants.  The combined total of 3,333 applicants represents a 43% increase over last year's [1970] total. Twenty-six percent of both the women and men who applied were accepted. Since all of the admissions data for women and men were remarkably similar (with the single exception of the math aptitude scores which were 30 points higher for the men -- verbal aptitude averages were within a single point), I have deliberately included the statistics for the class as a whole.  The Admissions Committee consciously used the same academic and personal considerations for the freshman women as for men in seeking a freshman class with strong academic ability and performance including students with diverse backgrounds, interests and energies."

Frederick C. Copeland, Director of Admissions

Source: Williams College Admissions Profile, Class of 1975, June 1971

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