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The Williams Student Handbook, 1971 version

Words of advice from the Purple Key Society, which hoped the information within "will prove a handy reference and save the student valuable time in his effort to grow and develop at Williams College."

Did you know:

  • "The Card Catalog in the Circulation Hall lists by Title, Author and Subject all books in the library." (p. 10)

  • "Freshman year will usually include water fights, spilled or thrown beer, and other assorted semi-destructive activities. Large investments in quality furnishings are not recommended." (p. 35)

  • There's a special page "For the Women" (p. 23), which includes the topics Dress, Sports (" will be up to you to express opinion on those organized team games which the athletic department might be willing to sponsor"), and Laundry ("You may want to bring an iron and ironing board.").

  • The short route to Skidmore. (p. 61)

Click on the image below to view or download a pdf of the 1971 Williams Student Handbook.

Cover of 1971 Williams Student Handbook
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